Detailed Geo Viz with Tableau, Mapbox and Google Street View

Tableau + Google Maps This has been one of my favorite Tableau tricks for a while. I originally saw Ben Jones do this a few years back but I think the Mapbox integration takes it to a whole new level. DISCLAIMER: from time to time, Google has been known to change their API, which inevitably breaks Read More


How To Forecast With Tableau And R

After working with Tableau for the last several years, I have to admit that I’m quite impressed with the statistical capabilities of the software. It’s nowhere near the analytical powerhouse that R is, but for visualization it does a pretty good job. As good as Tableau is, much of the statistical properties are “out of Read More

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Visualizing Batting Stats: Linear Regression

A couple of months back I wrote an article on why batting average is obsolete as an offensive metric in baseball. The argument was based off of a linear regression analysis of several other advanced metrics and used the coefficient of determination or “” to measure the results. I finally got around to properly visualizing Read More