Calculate Wages and Benefits in R with blscrapeR

The most difficult thing about working with BLS data is gaining a clear understanding on what data are available and what they represent. Some of the more popular data sets can be found on the BLS Databases, Tables & Calculations website. The selected examples below do not include all series or databases. Install blscrapeR The Read More


Using blscrapeR to Map County Unemployment Data

The blscrapeR package makes it easy to produce choropleth maps of various employment and unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.) Install blscrapeR from CRAN: install.packages(“blscrapeR”) It’s easy enough to pull a metric for a certain county. The code below pulls the unemployment rates for Orange County, FL from the BLS API. library(blscrapeR) Read More


Using R to Scrape the Bureau of Labor Statistics

I’m taking a break for sports statistics today. Regular readers know I have a fascination of sabermetrics but during my “nine to five” I’m usually dealing with the labor market…enter the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If you’ve never been to the BLS website, it’s worth a trip. The amount of public data that are Read More