How to Install R on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

The long-awaited new Ubuntu LTS Xenial Xerus was released last week. I wrote a tutorial on installing R and R-Studio on the old 14.04 LTS, so I figured I’d update that document. Not much has changed for the new 16.04 version but there are new repositories. Install R-Base You can find R-Base in the Software Read More


Data Science Workbench for Ubuntu 14.04

I found myself installing the same things over and over again on my VMs, so I decided to pack all my good DSR workbench action into one giant shell script that I could run and walk away from. Below is my markdown file, you can grab the shell scripts at my GitHub page. The script Read More


Install Shiny Server for R on Ubuntu the Right Way

Is it time to spin up a new instance of Shiny Server? This tutorial is baseed on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 14.04, but I’m sure it could be tweaked to work on RHEL or CentOS as well. There’s no real secret sauce to the install but there are several “gotcha’s” that most people Read More


How to Automate Database Updates with R

I’m taking a break from analysis today to talk about some gerneral good housekeeping with R and MySQL. One of my primary uses for R-Studio is to scrape and store web data in my own databases. Fortunately, since R can be run from the command line, it’s easy to schedule R scripts to run automatically Read More


How to run SAS 9.4 on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Natively

SAS in one of the longest running statistical software packages out there, so why then would they not support today’s most popular Linux distros (i.e. Debian-based systems)? Not sure what the answer is, but have found a solution! Note: This is for an Ubuntu installation. I’ve also heard of success using CentOS. Why not just Read More


How to Install R in Linux Ubuntu 14.04

The R programming language is one of the most powerful tools for data analysis on any operating system. There are two major parts of each install, the R-base that installs the programming language and its dependencies and R-Studio, which is an open-source IDE for R. If you need help on installing R on Ubuntu 16.04 Read More