Map Projections for R Shapefiles: United States

Someone contacted me recently about the map projections used in my blscrapeR package. After a bit of web searching, I couldn’t find a really good list of map projections for the continental U.S. that could be used in R. This list is as much for my own reference as anyone else, but hope you find Read More


Use R to Calculate Inflation with the blscrapeR Package

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the main standard for tracking the inflation of the U.S. dollar. The various CPI measures are published monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For this walk-through, we will be using the blcsrapeR package to download our data from the BLS and perform the calculation. The blscrapeR package can Read More


Calculate Wages and Benefits in R with blscrapeR

The most difficult thing about working with BLS data is gaining a clear understanding on what data are available and what they represent. Some of the more popular data sets can be found on the BLS Databases, Tables & Calculations website. The selected examples below do not include all series or databases. Install blscrapeR The Read More


How to Install R on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

The long-awaited new Ubuntu LTS Xenial Xerus was released last week. I wrote a tutorial on installing R and R-Studio on the old 14.04 LTS, so I figured I’d update that document. Not much has changed for the new 16.04 version but there are new repositories. Install R-Base You can find R-Base in the Software Read More


How to Pimp Your .Rprofile

After you’ve been using R for a little bit, you start to notice people talking about their .Rprofile as if it’s some mythical being. Nothing magical about it, but it can be a big time-saver if you find yourself typing things like, “summary()” or, the ever-hated, “stringasfactors=FALSE” ad nauseam. Where is my .Rprofile? The simple Read More


Data Science Workbench for Ubuntu 14.04

I found myself installing the same things over and over again on my VMs, so I decided to pack all my good DSR workbench action into one giant shell script that I could run and walk away from. Below is my markdown file, you can grab the shell scripts at my GitHub page. The script Read More


Install Shiny Server for R on Ubuntu the Right Way

Is it time to spin up a new instance of Shiny Server? This tutorial is baseed on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 14.04, but I’m sure it could be tweaked to work on RHEL or CentOS as well. There’s no real secret sauce to the install but there are several “gotcha’s” that most people Read More

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How to Install R kernel for IPython Jupyter on Mac OSX Yosemite

IPython is a great tool for developers, particularly for R programmers who are accustomed to the luxury of running blocks of code during development. The ability to add an R kernel to the IPython environment gives one the ability to run Python and R side-by-side in the same programming environment. But there’s a catch… A Read More


How to Link R-Studio to your GitHub Account

I’ve been using R-Studio for years now and am still finding cool new features. Up until recently I’ve been using the old-school command line method to push my code to GitHub, this method works fine but after working on a few “projects” in R-Studio I’ve found an easier way. 1. Global Commands Open R-Studio and Read More


Adding Pitching Stats to the Lahman R Package

Lately I’ve rediscovered the Lahman package for R. Since I’ve got a Lahman database on my localhost, I normally use a db connection in R to grab the data I need. In the process it’s easy to forget how quick and easy the Lahman package makes it to gather baseball data. No Love for the Read More