Use R to Calculate Inflation with the blscrapeR Package

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the main standard for tracking the inflation of the U.S. dollar. The various CPI measures are published monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For this walk-through, we will be using the blcsrapeR package to download our data from the BLS and perform the calculation. The blscrapeR package can Read More


Detailed Geo Viz with Tableau, Mapbox and Google Street View

Tableau + Google Maps This has been one of my favorite Tableau tricks for a while. I originally saw Ben Jones do this a few years back but I think the Mapbox integration takes it to a whole new level. DISCLAIMER: from time to time, Google has been known to change their API, which inevitably breaks Read More


How to Scrape Unemployment Data From the BLS API using R-Studio

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is one of the most diverse sources of public data around. The one problem…the website is pretty horrible to work with. If you want to download one flat Excel sheet, the BLS website has you covered but if you want to download multiple data sets and compare them you’re Read More