Detailed Geo Viz with Tableau, Mapbox and Google Street View


Tableau + Google Maps

This has been one of my favorite Tableau tricks for a while. I originally saw Ben Jones do this a few years back but I think the Mapbox integration takes it to a whole new level. DISCLAIMER: from time to time, Google has been known to change their API, which inevitably breaks thousands of similar Tableau views. I’ll do my best to keep this page current.


The Google Part

  1. Go to the Google Developer’s Console and create a project. If you’ve got an account with Google, you’ve already go a developer’s account.
  1. In your project, you’ll need to enable a few APIs.


  1. Now, go to “credentials” on the side bar and find your API key, you’ll need this.


  1. Download one of the handy HTML templates and plug your API key in the line that says “YOUR API KEY HERE.” Note, one template is for directions and the other is for point point location using Street View.

The Tableau Part

Utilizing Tableau’s “URL actions,” the rest is very simple.

  1. Create a dashboard action that highlights the location and returns the latitude and longitude from a point map. Note, this works best if you have lat. and long. as part as your data as opposed to generated by Tableau.


  1. Find your HTML file and base URL. If it’s on your local system it will be something like:

file:///<path to file>/streetview.html?lat=<Latitude>&lon=<Longitude>

  1. Create a url action on the dashboard that passes the lat. and long. of your base URL.


  1. Click the “Web Page” function to add a page to the bottom of your dashboard using the generated URL.
  2. If you get stuck, just download the example from my Tableau Public page.

This example was part of presentation I gave for the Orlando Tableau Users Group. For a full copy of that presentation, you can download a zip file from my GitHub account (link below).

Other resources include:

Tableau Map Pack: Java tools for custom polygon creation with Tableau.

Flight Paths: A tutorial and workbook that creates distance paths using the “point order” technique.

World Series Ticket Prices: A wonderful view that uses custom polygons with the “point order” technique.

Mapbox: A wonderful tool for beautiful base maps that can be used in Tableau.

4 thoughts on “Detailed Geo Viz with Tableau, Mapbox and Google Street View

  1. Many thanks for this, I just have one question. How does the URL you use relate to the html template we downloaded? I’m just trying to follow your steps but not sure how if I can use a generic base URL instead of the in your example!

    1. The HTML template you downloaded in step 4 has to be filled out with your Google API keys and info. That HTML file then has to be hosted somewhere, so Tableau can reach out and grab it (I obviously used my own domain.) One option is, to host the HTML in Tableau Server’s internal web server (link below.) Dropbox may be another option, I’ve never tried.

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